Emily Kastroll

Hi, I’m Emily!

a writer and homeschool mom of two committed to challenging, encouraging, and inspiring mothers to view their work with/for their children as more than just another thing to check off their list .

My desire is to help you seek sanctification in the midst of the mundane, and cultivate hearts for Jesus in the middle of the everyday hustle.


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  • Please wait....——————————————————————— Its the theme God is repeating in my life over and over lately. Please wait while a fever
  • We must help it soak in, not just paint it on top. Christ must be evident in the everyday, in
  • Fridays are our mornings together, there is always a thousand things to do but baking is the activity of the
  • We cannot not just live a life of religion. We must deeply affect their hearts. All any parent wants for
  • It had been a rough start to the weekend. The morning had not gone well. They had screamed and hollered
  • God has so much for them to learn. Everyday life is the training ground and our home is the safe
  • The tears began to flow. Not the big gloppy kind rather whiney I don't want to do this kind. My
  • The most important way we teach our children is by living our family life dedicated to Jesus. They are watching
  • Thou shalt not play more than one sport at one time thats a commandment, right? j/k⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Challenging
  • If only I could let this sink in. As parents we have to begin to teach their hearts that they
  • Cicada's have a rigid outer skeleton that does not allow growth. In order for them to be able to grow,
  • I want to be able to say that my kids are ready for anything the world has to throw at
  • I've heard it called many things, quiet time, morning time, chair time......⁣ Whatever the appropriate name for it may be,
  • Its hard to remember that all those mundane tasks are a form of worship. That God has called us just
  • They sat on the plane looking at the ground crew. Fascinated by the movement and the amount of activity it
  • This wall stands on the outside perimeter of a historical property near my home. Every time we pass the crumbling
  • "Mommy, the creek is all dried up." they called from down below. We were at our favorite hiking spot near
  • Most days when I pick my son up from school, he doesn't want to share with me about his day.
  • When I feel bogged down by time, season, or space… cornered by things I can’t control… I pull back the
  • It had been a long couple of days. Having already finished my first cup of tea with no result, I