Hi! I’m Emily….


This is me in my everyday form. No makeup, comfy clothes, prepping school lessons in our dining room/school room.


I earnestly believe that motherhood is a ministry. A ministry God takes very seriously. I feel called as a mother to help my kids grow into the best Jesus loving versions of themselves possible. 


But if I’m honest, its easy to feel like motherhood is more of an overflowing to-do list than a ministry.   


I know this isn’t a problem I alone experience. Every mom I know has a sink full of dishes, laundry that needs to be done, a house to clean, meals to make, and chores to complete. 


The question I find myself asking is, “Is this what God meant for motherhood ?”


My writing is born out of this question.


Mothers desperately need to be reminded that GOD MEANT MORE FOR MOTHERHOOD! We need biblical truth to challenge, encourage, and inspire us to seek sanctification in the midst of the mundane, and cultivate hearts in the middle of the daily hustle.  





Family Photo


What does my day to day life look like? 


My mornings start earrrrrrrrly! With a hot cup of tea in hand,  I meet Jesus in the silence of the day before life begins. After I prepare breakfast and get my family ready for the day ahead; eventually moving into prepping and teaching school lessons for my two sweet kiddos.


After lunch is served, music lessons are done, and any afternoon lessons are completed, I shift gears. Attempting to get as much done as humanly possible, I’m either catching up on emails, grocery shopping online, scrubbing something around the house, prepping dinner, or sometimes all of the above all at once! 


My evenings include tucking kiddos in bed, reading, attempting to get some sort of exercise in, or enjoying the company of family or friends. 


I am an organizer, sunshine seeker, creative mind, and lover of people. I’m gifted in helping and teaching.  I feel most fulfilled while caring for the needs of others. I’m constantly asking God to help me with my desire for control and to change my heart to his wants and desires, instead of my own. 


Most of all I’m doing my best to fill my days as a  good steward of the talents, time, and treasures my Heavenly Father has graciously given me.