Teaching Our Children to See God’s Fingerprints

            It’s the beginning of October. The weather is colder than I expected. I wonder to myself if I have brought enough layers for everyone. We eagerly wait at the bottom of the tall mountain. My back injury and our youngest’s short legs keep us from the long hike to the top. Instead we clamor […]

Two Ways to Know if FOMO is Affecting Your Parenting

The first time I heard the word FOMO I couldn’t help but giggle. How in the world could this honestly be a word in the English language!? It just sounded so silly, quirky and possibly even dirty! I just couldn’t take myself seriously saying such a crazy word!   Even though the acronym FOMO (Fear of […]

How to Self Care So You Can Be the Best Parent to Your Kids

  When my mom first moved in with us, it took a little while for normal life to take shape. She and I both had to adjust to a new normal and it would take a while before we knew exactly what that looked like. At first it just seemed like she was here for […]

How to Reduce Sibling Conflict and Increase Love

Schooooooools out for summer!!!!!! I can’t help but have the rock and roll anthem play in my head as I navigate the last few weeks before we dive into all things summer! Endless hours in the sun, catching lightening bugs, spur of the moment ice cream runs, and cook outs in the back yard! Summer […]

1 Thing You Should Never Say When You Want Them To Be Good

It was Friday night… We were having a family over for a cook out. We love to host and do so almost every Friday night, but on this particular day I knew my son would need some coaching. One of the children coming to play was older and my son always seemed to find himself […]

The Best Way to Train a Good Habit

      Before we begin, a disclaimer:  The processes of habit training explained below was gained from author James Clear in his incredible book Atomic Habits. If you are looking for a book on habits, his is one of the best I have ever read. It is not my intention to make it seem […]

3 Tips to Notice Spiritual Fruit in the Middle of Busy and Why It’s Important

All any parent ever really wants is the best that God has for their children. Right? I have yet to meet a parent that said, “Yeah, I don’t really want my kid to thrive.” It is so natural as a parent to want the best for our kids. But wanting something is totally different than […]

Self Soul Care: Parenting Without Mommy Meltdowns

Lets pretend for a moment…. Its time to get out the door in the morning. You are in charge of wrangling the heard of cats your children, out the door. Someone can’t find their shoes. One child is in their room completely oblivious to the fact that its time to go. Someone else is upset […]