Daily Refection--Mid-Flight




Going away from my family is always a 50/50 for me. Half of me is excited to be on my own and relish my freedom. I love the time of quiet without interruption for full thoughts to form.
But, going away also means a lot of work. Prep to make sure all things are lined up: healthy meals, backpacks, snacks, notes for lunch boxes and rides to extracurriculars. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it. It can be very streching.
But then somewhere midway through my first flight I realize the prep is so worth it. My kids feel my love for them even I’m not physically present. In the midst of their everyday hustle, my presence is still there. If I am like this as an Earthly parent, how much more can their Heavenly provide for them, even when he seems like he isn’t physically present? 
Are you cultivating their hearts in the midst of your everyday hustle?


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