Daily Refections--Work Boots




“Mommy, do you have a favorite pair of shoes?” my daughter asks as she slips on her pink sparkly “cinderella shoes”. I had to think about this for a moment. Then I smile warmly “Yes. My work boots!”, I reply. Then the inevitable question: “Why?”
Let me explain. I’m not some rough and tough tom boy who just loves to get dirty, but I’m not really known as a girly girl either. I’m somewhere in between. But whenever I slip on my boots, its because I’m going out with my kids. We are headed out for an adventure in nature that is likely to be dirty. And being in nature with my kids is my absolute favorite time to cultivate their hearts. 
Something about being with God amidst all the things he has created, spurs on such great conversation about how big and mighty He is. We talk so much about how he cared to create all the details around us. The thousands of species of plants and bugs. The towering trees and giant bolders. They were all created by him and his fingerprints are so easily seen in this setting. 
What are your favorite shoes? 


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