Daily Reflection--Life's No Picnic




I remember when I first met my husband, I was 14 and he was 17. I asked him “What’s your idea of a perfect day?” He responded: “A quiet picnic outside, a slight breeze in the air, and a nap with you beside me.” 
It was romantic and cute. I loved it and have thought back upon it often, especially since becoming a parent. Quiet picnic’s are a rarity and naps are hard to come by. Honestly, life with kids is no picnic at all.  
I don’t have to rattle off to you the myriad of drudgery tasks that must be done each day to sustain another human beings life. Let alone amount of social functions you will give up and the amount of showers you will miss. 
But I stop and ponder, what does his perfect day look like now? I’ll wager a bet that there is still a nap in there somewhere, but I bet it doesn’t include just me snuggled up to him anymore, rather our whole family. 
As life has changed so have our dreams and hopes. Now we think about their hearts and what their perfect days would look like. We are trying hard to lean in and allow God to form us.



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