Daily Reflection--Which Way?




Ever make a parenting decision and just felt unsettled? This year we have made a huge transition in the way we school and I have to admit, I have never really felt settled in the matter. 
This past February, when we had to make our schooling choices, I had prayed a very specific prayer. Because I felt so all over the map about the matter I knew I would need a very specific sign to help us make a decision. And God showed up big time.
But here’s the thing. Even now, three months in to the new schooling adventure, my heart is still not settled. My feelings are still all over the map and I honestly feel like I don’t know what is best for my child. But I do know one thing. God does and He showed up and showed me the way. And even if my feelings aren’t settled. God’s are.

So I’m relying on him in the midst of my confusion. Even if I feel like the path is unsettled beneath me, He will make so my feet land on firm ground. 



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