Remain a Human


When my mom first moved in with us, it took a little while for normal life to take shape. She and I both had to adjust to a new normal and it would take a while before we knew exactly what that looked like.

At first it just seemed like she was here for an extended visit. We would eat every meal together and soak up every little moment. Eventually though we started to figure out a rhythm of what it looks like to live full lives with each other every day.

This is me and my beautiful momma!

This is when my mom noticed something…


Everyday around 12:30 or so I would head to the kitchen to prepare lunch. I would dole out peanut butter sandwiches and applesauce cups like a pro, set my kids down at the table and then move on to the next thing.

I never actually ate lunch!

At first when my mom noticed it, I brushed it off and just thought “I will eat eventually.” But as the days went on, I still never stopped for lunch.  It wasn’t because I thought not eating lunch made me a healthy person or even that I wasn’t hungry. I was just too busy! It got so bad that my mom started making my lunch for me. Yep, a full grown woman needed her mother to make her lunch for her!

I was so busy running from one thing to the next that I totally ignored eating. I needed to get other things done and eating just slowed me down. But I forgot something, something my mom was kind enough to remind me:

You are a human! You must practice self care so you can be the best parent to your kids.

I couldn’t deny she was right. In the midst of trying so hard to be a good mom, I had totally forgotten that secret formula: self care.


“In the midst of trying so hard to be a good mom, I had totally overlooked the secret formula: self care!”-Emily Kastroll


So, I made a list. A list I needed to complete every day in order to self care so I could be the best parent to my kids. Not just a mommy robot who is perfect but a real live person for them to learn from. I thought hard and came up with two specific requirements for what went on my list:


This task is for my health.

This task is for my soul care.


I call mine Emily’s Health and Soul List and this is where I share it with you:

Emily’s Health and Soul List: 

  1.  Brush my teeth twice a day, every day. (Health)
  2.  Take a shower at bare minimum every other day. (Health)
  3.  Eat at 3 meals a day and drink water. (Health)
  4.  15 minutes of complete silence and alone time every day to pray, reflect and think. (Soul)
  5.  Some form of moderate exercise everyday. Even if its just a walk as a family (soul and health)
  6. Freedom to have feelings just like everyone else. (Soul)


As it turns out, when I shared this list with my people, everything on it was completely doable even in the middle of our busy. And you know what? I really love being a parent but what i love even more is being the best parent I can be. And I can’t do that unless I take care of myself first! 

I challenge you to make a list of what you need every day to remain a human and have the courage to share it with your people! Because you want to help your kids transform into happy, healthy kids who love Jesus, but not from a mommy robot! From someone who really loves them enough to learn how to be a good parent! 

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