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Our Community offers: 


Truth, beauty, and Goodness PnEU Book STudy 

We meet 2-3 times each term to discuss Charlotte Mason’s philosophy,  volumes and the PNEU articles.  We meet the first Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30 with a causal fellowship hour afterward. These meetings are open to anyone interested in the Charlotte Mason Philosophy.  Please email for meeting address and more details. 


Truth, beauty, and Goodness Co-op 

We meet on a two term rotation: fall and spring.

Each term consists of:

  • 1 planning meeting before each term
  • 6 CO-OP meetings 
  • 1 Family Night Gathering
  • 1-2 Living Field Trips



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Create an Atmosphere of Intentionally Fostered Community

Relationships are key to a living education and thus we encourage each teacher not only to engage in community with the other parents but also to create deep relationships with their students and truly invest in each child they teach.


Create an Atmosphere of Living Ideas

Our aim is give each subject the vigor and liveliness it is due, producing the joy in the students of knowing something deeply and the ability to practice the “science of relations” from the knowledge they have already gained.


Allow Each Teacher to Deeply Plan Only A Few Subjects Per Term

By allowing each teacher/parent to focus on and deeply plan only a few subjects per term, we are able to execute teaching each subject with excellence. All while allowing other like-minded teachers to plan and execute their subject with excellence. This enhances your students feast many times over while sharing the planning load.


Provide Parents With Scaffolding For Subjects Between Meetings. 

This means you (as the teacher/parent) are not responsible for developing the lesson plan for those subjects throughout the entire co-op semester.  Instead you implement the Charlotte Mason style lesson plan assigned for your students by the other parents involved in the co-op.


Help You Learn And Grow In Charlotte Mason Philosophy and Methods.

We regularly participate in PNEU style book study of the Charlotte Mason volumes and PNEU articles to continually provide inspiration and new ideas to our schooling and lifestyle. 


Support & Strength

We cultivate an atmosphere where we link arms as like minded parents and teachers, lifting one another up in prayer, sharing in one another’s burdens, encouraging each other in the Word of God, and looking to the Holy Spirit as the ultimate teacher. 


Opportunity to Serve

Each family is given the honor of hosting our CO-OP and our PNEU book study in turn, providing an opportunity to practice hospitality and generosity. 


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