Seeing the Fingerprints of God

            It’s the beginning of October. The weather is colder than I expected. I wonder to myself if I have brought enough layers for everyone. We eagerly wait at the bottom of the tall mountain. My back injury and our youngest’s short legs keep us from the long hike to the top. Instead we clamor into the van destined to take us to the top. I take the front seat to spare anyone for witnesses my car sickness on the way up. We cruise steadily around tight turns, eyes peeled for a chance to photograph the bear cubs that have been spotted around the area. We reach the drop off and pile out. 1500 feet of straight incline lie ahead. My children bound forward like wolves attacking their prey. They are ready!

            We reach the top and the views are as incredible as I remember from my former years.  Sight for miles around. The wait has been worth it. We spend two hours bouldering and climbing the enormous rocks and pathways. For my son who was nicknamed monkey at only 18 months of age, it’s like a drug. As he jumps from one rock to the next he looks back to me and says “Mom, it’s like God built this place just for me!”          

            My heart feels like it could explode from joy at that very moment. A smile blooms across my face as I respond, “That’s right buddy!”. He is so little he can’t fathom the contentment this statement breeds in my heart. As I stare down at his little body jumping from one thing to the next the thought strikes me. There are people everywhere here. How many of them see this as a gift from their God? How many of them recognize God’s fingerprints? Not many, I presume.       

         This article is meant to help equip you as a parent to help your child see God’s fingerprints in all that surrounds them; we will discuss why it’s important, where in scripture God commands parents to do this, some simple ideas of incorporating it into your everyday hustle, and what to do when you feel unqualified or stuck. 

Why Is It Important for Our Children to Be Able To Identify God’s Fingerprints 

           We cannot discuss the importance of why our children should be able to identify God’s fingerprints without first addressing the issue of why its important that you, as an adult and believer in Jesus, should be recognizing God’s fingerprints as well.            

               The importance of this matter generates from one simple question: What is at core of what God created human beings to be?  The answer to this could be both many, and controversial.  I would agree with Paul David Tripp when he states “…at the core of what God designed human beings to b is the acknowledgment of his existence and surrender to authority.”  As believers in Jesus Christ we are charged by the very nature of who we were created to be with the task of acknowledging His existence. If therefore, we are tasked with this acknowledgement  because we are the sons and daughters of Christ, so we as parents are also charged with the task of teaching it to our children.                

               But what happens if we don’t?  Is it truly that important? Consider with me for a moment what happens if we or our children do not recognize the fingerprints of Christ within the daily hustle. They grow up and they start their own lives and when it comes to making their own designs about who to trust and who to follow they don’t see God as an option. He isn’t involved in their everyday. He might have created things a long time ago, maybe, but now he isn’t connected to their world. And instead of putting God as the center, guess who gets the most prominent position.


                   Helping our children to see God’s fingerprints in the middle of the daily hustle is essential tool in helping them understand that they are not God. We are helping them grow to accept the help and rescue that Christ provides for them. We are helping them to know that it is Him who makes their days worth living, it is Him who created and gave everything to them.

Whose Job is it to Teach them to See God’s Fingerprints? 

                  There are some questions that parents ask me about scripture that I really don’t have an answer right away. This one though is fairly straight forward. Lets read together Deuteronomy 6: 4-9


“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, The Lord is One. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and your gates. “


                When we look at this scripture it states not only that we should have all that He has commanded us on our hearts but that we must also teach them diligently to our children. And though many people can speak into the life of your children, it is you who are sitting in the house with them, it is you who is with them when they lie down and when they rise. You are the one who gives them a house with doorposts and gates. 

                 The job of teaching our children to recognize the fingerprints of God in the middle of the daily is clearly charged to the parents. 

Simple Ways to Point Out God’s Fingerprints in the Middle of Your Daily Hustle

        So many times, in modern life we roll from one thing to the next. Remember it is His creation set before us and it all cries out to Him. Look how the leaves change color, look how the evergreen doesn’t change, see the rain he provides for his thirsty creation. Don’t forget to use the opportunities right in front of you. The pot of water on the stove boils because God made it so. The taste of that delicious chicken you’re eating is because God made it so. Your child can move his muscles and joints because God made it so. He is everywhere and His is glorious.

What to Do When you Feel Stuck or Unequipped for This Task


Maybe you are like so many parents that I talk to that say “I have no idea how to point my kid to Jesus in the midst of the daily hustle. And honestly” they confess, “I’m too busy trying to keep them alive to figure out how!”

I get it!


This is the reason why Parenting in the Middle of Busy was created. We want to help. We are a collaboration of writers, creators and businesses that desire to demonstrate how we are uniquely gifted at cultivating the hearts of children in the middle of busy in order to challenge, inspire, and equip you.


When you join our community, you have access to so many resources that will not only help you feel more inspired and challenged but truly equip you as parent to do this day in and day out. Our seasonal content bundles are full of practical everyday help and ideas that will make cultivating their heart in the midst of everything else, seem like it comes naturally. 


Helping our children see the fingerprints of God everywhere is important task. If we don’t, we risk that our children will put themselves in His place and in the end when they grow up they will find no use for the His laws and rules we have taught them all their lives. God makes it clear Deuteronomy 6:9-10 that this is job of the parent and there are tons of simple and easy ways to incorporate this into our daily hustle.

All of His creation is set before us and it all cries out to him!

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