Truth Beauty and Goodness CO-OP

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is different about the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness CO-OP?

This CO-OP is being designed as a intentional community full of families that desire to be committed to Charlotte Mason’s purpose and vision for education and life. We will strive to create an atmosphere where we will set our eyes on things that are true, beautiful and good. We will aspire to establish disciplines (habits) within ourselves and our families that will bear good fruit. We will commit ourselves to the concept of “education is a life”, knowing this means that we are always learning and it will take a lifetime to complete. 


Q: Do I need to be a Charlotte Mason Home Educator in order to join the Truth, Beauty, Goodness Co-op?

Not necessarily however, as a co-op our passion is implementing the direct teaching method of Miss Mason. Each participating parent is responsible for preparing lessons and teaching a subject using CM methods during the co-op season. Therefore it will be required that you know and understand her teaching philosophy as you prepare and teach these lessons. With that said, we are most concerned that you are aware of her methods and want to continue to grow in understanding of her philosophy.


Q:  What ages can participate?

For the 2021-2022 year we will be hosting students in Form 1 and Form 2. This would be grades 1-6 respectively.


Q: Are little ones allowed?

Children in the “early years” (5 years and below) in the Charlotte Mason philosophy do not participate in formal lessons. Therefore they will not be allowed to join in CO-OP teachings.

It is our hope to be able to find a consistent “mother’s helper” to provide care at each home during co-op hours (There will be a fee for those in need of this service. See Question #5 for details). We would love for this to be a time of outside play,  exploration and possibly include a read aloud time. It is also our hope that the these children will be able to participate in age appropriate nature study and of course whole group play time. 

If a consistent mother’s helper is cannot be found it will fall to each family to find childcare for their children in the “early years”. 

Nursing Babies are allowed to stay with their mother, we just ask each mother to be respectful if the child is becoming a distraction to students.




Q: How often will the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness co-op meet?

We will meet every other Wednesday from September till November for the fall term (6 total meetings) and every other week from January till March for the spring (6 total meetings). We will also have 1 planning meeting (4 hours long) 12 weeks prior to the beginning of each term. And a family night gathering after each term.



Q: How much does it cost to join?

The amount that TBG CO-OP costs will differ each semester and family by family depending on materials needed and childcare required. With that said, we will make every effort to make it as affordable as possible for our families. 

Each family is responsible for the materials needed for each of their own students to participate well in each subject. A materials list will be provided by each teacher prior to the start of each term.

Each teacher will also be responsible for supplies needed to teach their subject (ex. If you are teaching Artist Study, you will be responsible for having a copy of the artist prints that you will need in order to show the students. If your are teaching natural history you will need a nature notebook and a sample of object you are discussing that week).  

Families participating with children in the “early years” (children under the age of 6), if a consistent mother’s helper is able to be found, will also be responsible for paying their portion of the fee for the childcare needed during co-op hours. Payment for childcare will go up or down each term dependent on how many children in your family that need care.  This fee will be a flat rate for the term divided by number of children who need care. This fee is due the first meeting of each term and is not dependent on attendance.




Q: What is expected if we join? 

  1. Each family must be willing to joyfully make this community a priority. Attendance is mandatory for all teachers and students for each of the 6 co-op meetings in the fall, and each of the 6 co-op meetings in the spring.  As well as the planning meeting and the family night each term. This co-op layout cannot work if each family is not committed.


  1. Each family must be willing to host and drive to others homes throughout Lynchburg and the surrounding areas.

 This co-op is designed so that each family will take turns hosting at their home. This scheduling has been considered on our part so that no one family is responsible for our gathering each time. Sharing the honor of hosting between us will also give our families the opportunity to practice hospitality, generosity, and serving.

  1. Every parent must be willing to put in the time to attend the planning meeting, create lesson plans for their subject and teach at the co-op meeting.

 Every parent will take a different subject (to be determined at our planning meeting). This will include agreeing to study and use the Charlotte Mason methods in your area of teaching. Planning meetings will be held 12 weeks before the beginning of the term.

  1. Every parent must be willing to invest in the all the children.

Relationships are key with a living education. So often we come and go and just barely make sure our own children get what they need. Since this co-op will be “for the children’s sake”, we are asking that you invest in all the children participating.

  1. Every parent participating must be willing to avoid grooves and keep the forest impulse of learning alive.

As we want to be certain not to get stuck in a rut, each of us should continue to grow and learn mor about the CM philosophy of education. Regular participation in TBG Charlotte Mason Book Study is important.

  1. Each family will be responsible for completing the assignments between meetings that have been prepared for them.

There will be assignments between meetings that everyone must complete at home so that each child is prepared for the following meeting. This shows respect for the teacher as well as the student. Also, each teacher must come prepared to teach their subject. Additional information should be shared at a later time or at home so as not to infringe on that teacher’s lesson.

  1. Each family participating must be committed to “Education as an atmosphere, a disciple, and a life.”

This includes but is not limited to a creating a  supportive, loving, and kind community, devoted to lifting each other up. Doing our best to work towards discipline ourselves and our children in good habits such as  listening attentively, narrating  accurately, observing closely, focusing on what is good, noble, and beautiful,  and doing our best- the first time and every time.




Q: What Subjects are going to be covered at TBG CO-OP?

An actual subject list for each term will be decided at the planning meeting that occurs 12 weeks prior to each term. However here is a list subjects in a Charlotte Mason Education that could work in a community environment: 

  • Natural History/Nature Study
  • Drawing/Brush-drawing
  • Handicrafts
  • Geography
  • Singing(Hymns and Folk Songs)/ Sol-Fa
  • Foreign Language
  • Drill
  • Poetry
  • Recitation